PRIV به عنوان امن ترین دیوایس اندرویدی سال 2016 – تخصصی ترین مرجع بلک بری

called and remembrance of Allah and greetings to our comrades

According to that security and Google Android devices have been evaluated, BlackBerry periodontics as one of the most secure Android devices was introduced in 2016. Perhaps it's for those with BlackBerry handsets are knowledgeable about the surprise visitors but the PRIV first BlackBerry phone that has Android operating system was released by publishing packages persistent security for its users as one of the best providers update the other manufacturer smartphone, with 95% of the vote.

BlackBerry news on March 31, announced on Twitter.

Capturekiku "width =" 602 "height =" 569 "srcset =" 300w , 602w "sizes =" (max-width: 602px) 100vw, 602px "/> </a> </p>
<p style=  PRIV به عنوان امن ترین دیوایس اندرویدی سال 2016 &#8211; تخصصی ترین مرجع بلک بری Capturekiku systems software Android BlackBerry device using a custom kernel and multi-layer security system to protect it and correct any critical situation. This device with a combination of regular monthly updates and trends and quick support response, vulnerability of the device to minimize malware for example, CVE-2016-5195, which has been dubbed "Gavksyf" was celebrated on 19 October 2016 and immediately fell to the BlackBerry security patch for modified periodontics published this user.

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