Pre-orders of the BlackBerry KEYone sell out in Japan, official launch happens on June 29!

Good point. What would they think about other companies way of making business when they failed.

How much would it cost to custom it for Japan? Old managers didn’t consider it a rewarding segment.

I wonder about sales reaction in South America if it BlackBerry Mobile release the KEYone here it will about the same time as Japan without BlackBerry devices most countries only had the z10 and q10.

In March 2013 income from South America represented ~17% of total income, more than Asia, in February 2016 only a 3.9% and in this last quarter report the income only represents a 1.7%.

They killed a potential market.

SAF is still making more money than handheld, licensing or BlackBerry technology solutions. How come an “outdated service” is still making as much as other solutions. Why did they killed, I will never know.

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